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Print and color
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on Father's Day!

Father's Day

Dad Is From Mars, Mom Is From Venus

It has been said that men are from Mars, women are from Venus. With that in mind, it's only natural that what Dad wants for Father's Day will be completely different than what you got Mom last month. Here is a comparative guide to help you shop for that special man in your life.


• A relaxing bubble bath
• Dinner out
• Time to herself
• Flowers
• A jewelry box
• Breakfast in bed
• Martha Stewart's Living
• Jewelry
• A day at the mall
• Candlelight
• A light lunch
• Praise for a cooked meal
• Tickets to a play
• Expensive Perfume


• Skip the shower
• Dinner in the back yard
• 18 holes with the guys
• Sporting goods
• A tool box
• Snacks in front of TV
• ESPN Magazine
• Swiss Army Knife
• Send wife to the mall
• Bud Light
• Lunch at the wing joint
• A lovingly cooked meal
• Tickets to the playoffs
• Fun and Games

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