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Print and color
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on Father's Day!

Father's Day

What Dad Really Taught Me

Every Father's Day you get your dad the same thing, a tie, a pair of socks or another tool. Have you ever taken the time to thank him for all his wisdom and life lessons he's passed on to you over the years?

Take a moment and thank Dad for:

•  Those annoying phrases you've caught yourself using with your kids.
•  Teaching you the importance of quiet time during Monday night football.
•  Uncovering the little known fact that there is no need for a laundry hamper, the floor will do just fine.
•  Proving that grunting and mumbling are acceptable forms of communication, no matter what your mother says.
•  Using your first car (he purchased for $350) to teach you humility.
•  Teaching you the importance of a fine beer. It should be savored and appreciated as a work of art.
•  Encouraging your own ingenuity by throwing away the instructions while saying, "we don't need these".
•  Illustrating the true meaning of pride, or lack of, by parading around in his boxers in front of your friends.
•  Offering a brilliant rebuttal to the whole toilet seat issue. "It's easier to put the seat down than lift it up, you have gravity working with you."
•  Explaining the importance of planning for the future by never throwing away anything that, "might come in handy one day".
•  Teaching you the only tools you really need are duct tape and a Swiss Army knife.
•  Explaining why camping and fishing trips are considered "real vacations".
•  Giving you the confidence to never have to ask for directions- you always know where you are going.
•  Showing you how to be adventurous and try the shortcut.
•  How to do all the laundry in one load and allow more time for football.

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