Home first aid kits

home first aid kitBuy home first aid kits from the zthe Red Cross or a less expensive store. The Red Cross offers you a deluxe four person home disaster preparedness kit packed in a convenient, durable nylon backpack with room to add personal items. For home, office, or auto.

Be Prepared for Anything!
It seems like accidents always happen when you least expect them... Like when your husband burns himself when making that "surprise" breakfast? The same supplies used by the Red Cross to keep people safe are now available on line, full of items to be prepared at home for those little "surprises".

Safe Situations Don't Just Happen
Prevention is cheap, quick and easy. Whether it is your home, school, office or car, the Red Cross has developed a product to keep you safe. Buy a home first aid kit and be prepared for anything.

No home should be without...
Home First Aid and Disaster kits from the American Red Cross are the perfect gifts for anyone. Protect the ones you love AND support a great cause! Buy first aid kits for your home, office or car.


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