Industrial first aid kits

industrial first aid kitBuy industrial first aid kits from the Red Cross or another supplier! The Red Cross and others have a full assortment of home and industrial first aid kits and disaster preparedness kits. Kits are sold in multiples of 5, 10, 20, 100. Each kit contains individual buckets that contain supplies for 5 people. So if you order a 20-person kit, you will receive 4 buckets.

Tips for purchasing office or industrial kits:

• Should be strategically placed throughout the work facility.

• Are designed for office sites with 5, 10, 20 & 100 employees to help ensure the safety of employees in the workplace.

• Are packed in recommended water-proof containers due to the activation of sprinkler systems in a fire or earthquake.

• Are used as a portable toilet with bags and seat included.

• Are ideal for compact storage anywhere since they stack easily.

• Are easy to grab and go for evacuation with carrying handles.

Safe Situations Don't Just Happen
Prevention is cheap, quick and easy. Whether it is your home, school, office or car, the Red Cross has developed a home or industrial first aid kit to keep you safe.

No office should be without...
First Aid and Disaster kits from the American Red Cross are the perfect for the industrial work place. Order now!



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