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From College to Career

They've Always Imagined This Day. You Imagine the Next.

They dressed for the part in a cap and gown; they crossed the stage and shook some important hands. But that's no script they're waving in the air, although the entire world is now their stage. They'll have to write their own script from here on out-with just a bit of help from parents, grandparents, neighbors and friends.

If you're one of those special people, a little imagination is the key. Not the kind that results in gifts like musical toilet paper or gold-plated toothpicks. (We know you never would!) But the ability to envision the graduate headed into her first job interview, dressed to the nines, shoes buffed, hair styled . . . a frayed college backpack slung over one shoulder. Freeze frame. Cut the backpack. Substitute a briefcase with a professional portfolio inside. That's a much prettier picture!

Then imagine your graduate at the airport headed for his wonder job . . . checking in with cardboard boxes wrapped in twine. Now instead, drop in a set of matching luggage. Now he's flying out in style.

Next you imagine their new apartment with the deck, the den, the breakfast bar - and the empty kitchen cupboards. Populate the shelves with practical housewares, and they will no longer be heading to McDonald's every night for dinner.

Notice the Mickey Mouse timepiece he won at the fair? Substitute a fine watch, and the next scene can be imagined at a conference table. Beside a tablet lies not a well-chewed pencil, but a quality pen engraved with his/her name. When a client asks for a business card, they pull out not a raggedy billfold, but a shiny wallet, which even has money inside.

Back at the apartment, your favorite rising star isn't stuck eating cornflakes while reading the back of the box. Helpful magazines are on the coffee table and cookbooks on the shelf.

There are power suits in the closet and a high-powered PC on the desk. You can't imagine anything better than that. So it's a wrap!

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