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From High School to Career

High School Graduation: It's Time to Celebrate!

Amid the sea of caps and gowns you glimpse the smile and the waving hand, of the graduate dear to you. You stand and wave and smile - and cry just a little. It's the end of something wonderful. And it's a wonderful beginning, too.

Your special person (your child, your niece, your grandson, your friend) is embarking on the adventure called Life. They've rented an apartment of their own and found a full-time job. The sky's the limit, and the road runs straight to the horizon.

Well, not always so straight. Your loved one must make their way in a world that's not easy or predictable. So as you celebrate their accomplishments, you also hope to make their road just a little smoother as they step into the future.

Why not start with a cooking set or housewares for the new apartment? They will like that a lot more than instructions to eat right and to iron their clothes. And rather than reminding them to always be on time, give them a watch, to say you'll always be watching out for them. A nice wallet is a subtle message that you know they'll soon fill it up.

If they are setting out on their own, luggage is a gift that will last for years. They'll think of you every time they pack their bags - and they'll think about visiting home. Don't let on that you're a tiny bit sad as they prepare to go.

Now's the time to celebrate! Send flowers, or a gift basket full of delights. Throw a party. Turn the volume up. Dance a little. Sing a little. Call for pizza. Talk all night.

Then send your loved one on their way with a smile on your face (even if there is a tear in your eye). And after they're gone, sit down and order a gift subscription to a magazine or two that will help them on the job or brighten their day. Then keep right on smiling. They'll be OK.

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