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From High School to College

What Every College-bound Student Needs

If there's one day that high school seniors (and their exhausted parents!) both anxiously await, it's graduation day. And while college-bound students should be equipped with positive attitudes and good study skills, there are some practical necessities that make great graduation gifts as well.

Attaché cases? That's so yesterday! Today's students favor the backpack --casually slung over one shoulder, of course -- for notebooks, snacks and other essentials. If a book bag is a mobile desk, then a toiletry kit/organizer is a mobile bath - an absolute must-have for dorm life, spring break getaways, even visits home!

Which, of course, suggests luggage - from weekend/vacation carry-on bags to larger, roomier suitcases that can accommodate everything needed for a long semester break.

College is a time for new experiences - and for many students, that might include ironing! High school grads quickly learn that life isn't entirely permanent press. Today's full featured, standard iron is surprisingly lightweight, fabric-friendly and easy to use. Or consider a travel iron for that on-the-go student.

Some graduation gifts remain timeless classics, marking this important milestone in an individual's life. A fine pen is a "grown-up" gift for any budding adult. A new watch suggests a time of great changes - literally!

Another gift idea that "tops" the list? Hats and T-shirts. In fact, it's hard to imagine today's student without one! The selection is vast: both with college emblems, pro team logos, hometown names and more.

Naturally, college-bound students have an appetite for learning - and there are some great gift ideas to satisfy their hunger! A hot pot conveniently heats soups, stews and leftovers for a quick meal or snack. A coffee maker (considered by many to be survival equipment!) is ideal for a dorm room or that first apartment. And there are a number of cookbooks especially published for the "starving student" and the unique challenges of cooking on campus.

High school graduation is an event to celebrate. And for those students continuing their education, it's a wonderful opportunity for family and friends to give useful, practical gifts - gifts that grads will not only enjoy, but appreciate.

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