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4th of July

Your July 4th Back Yard Bash: Cooking Up a Star-Spangled Success

How long has it been since you threw a real party for your family and friends? If you need a festive occasion to get you moving, how about the Fourth of July? Everyone loves the laid-back atmosphere of a summer party.

It's easy when you start with some expert advice. The Party: Adventures in Entertaining is a terrific "how-to" cookbook that will help make your get-together a memorable one. You could begin your celebration with a "social hour" and for that, the Frozen Drinks Cookbook provides refreshing ideas for both alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages.

On this red, white and blue day, however, the main event takes place at the grill and beverage table. For perfectly prepared meats and vegetables, your everyday kitchen utensils just won't do. A handy set of barbecue grill utensils is a must.

Of course, no party is complete without the frozen daiquiris and wild summer concoctions. In order to keep up with the drinkers, be equipped with a durable, multi-speed blender so you will be pouring delicious drinks all day long. You'll want to keep all your beverages chilled as well - and there are some great ideas for that! A coolwine insulated wine tote keeps your spirits refreshed in the back yard and later at an outdoor holiday concert. Better yet, beverages will stay cold for hours in a double-insulated chrome air pot, handy for use year-round.

Dessert anyone? What July 4th feast would be complete without homemade ice cream. It's as American as the holiday itself! The Rival ice cream maker does all the work, while you get all the praise!

Start with family and friend, blend in traditional holiday dishes, add some surprising new ones, and serve with products that make entertaining effortless. Your Back Yard Bash will make history all its own! >

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