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Mother's Day

Breakfast in Bed -- The Mainstay of Mother's Day

Mother's Day is to a mom what a birthday celebration is to a child -- a special day in recognition of no one else but her. Make it truly memorable by fluffing her pillow, smoothing her blanket and tenderly kissing her forehead before bringing in the kids with a breakfast tray filled with all the goodies she loves -- delectable scones spread with her favorite jelly, a steaming cup of coffee served in a cappuccino cup and saucer, and a chocolate mint tucked surreptitiously on the side. And remember, presentation is everything. She'll appreciate the thoughtful touches you've added, such as a linen napkin and a dozen pink roses in a crystal vase. When she smiles in delight, tell her it's just the beginning...

Gather the children 'round, then pile them into bed with mom (being ever so careful not to spill!) in anticipation of the moment they've been waiting for...her reaction to the special gifts they have created just for her. There's the macaroni necklace strung on a length of pretty pink yarn, a sparkling tiara adorned with lots of silver glitter, and a Popsicle-stick penholder painted forest green. After the oohs and ahs have subsided, Dad will give Mom his gift -- possibly a breathtaking necklace and earrings he has chosen just for her.

It's a Mother's Day made in heaven for any mom, and one she's sure to always remember. But regardless of the gifts you buy her or the presents the children create, it is made special because of your love for her. Do tell her how much you appreciate her and how much she means to you, then demonstrate your affection by giving her all your time and attention this one special day of the year. (And don't forget about the rest of those chocolates ... she'll want to nibble on those all day long!)

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