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Mother's Day

Eco-Options on Mother's Day

Do something special for Mom this Mother's Day by providing her with a variety of eco-options -- outdoor activities that are fun for the entire family. Plan a hiking, biking, or backpacking trip to her favorite outdoor location, whether it's a state or national park, or simply a brisk walk around a nearby lake or along a scenic stretch of river. And don't forget to bring along the appropriate equipment: binoculars, a small pocketknife, and sunglasses or a cap with a sun-shielding visor.

Or, if Mom prefers, get up early, prepare a delicious breakfast with all her favorites, then take her bird watching. The chickadees, wrens and bluebirds will welcome your calm, quiet company. Then rest a bit in the early afternoon while you're enjoying the gourmet goodies you've packed in your picnic basket. Spread a blanket, relax in the sun, and break out the wheat crackers, salmon, and pasta salad. After lunch, make another memory when you relish a Thermos of fresh coffee and handful of coconut bon bons. Mom will think she's in a sidewalk café instead of the great American outdoors!

If Mom prefers to make a long weekend of it, there are numerous ecological organizations that offer a wide variety of individual or family vacations and service trips. The possibilities are limited only by Mom's imagination: Perhaps she'll opt for trips which include white-water rafting, canoeing or kayaking, or maybe she'll chose to climb the Sierras or hike the Himalayan hilltops. Whatever Mom decides, please remember to adhere to the rules of the naturalist: take only pictures, and leave only footprints. And have a wonderful day with Mom.

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