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Mother's Day

10-Best Tips for Delighting Your Wife on Mother's Day

  1. Spoil her with a luxurious day of relaxation. Start by sending her to the sofa with a handful of magazines a steaming cup of coffee and box of exquisitely creamy truffles. No arguments accepted.

  2. When the doorbell rings, allow her to get up briefly to answer the door. Watch the expression on her face when the florist delivers a glorious bouquet of delicate pink roses enveloped in baby's breath and eucalyptus. Rescue her before her eyes well with tears. (Trust us, she will be very, very touched.)

  3. Rally the kids 'round the living room while you shower your wife with gifts fit for a queen: her favorite fragrance or perhaps some jewelry that best reflects her personality. Or maybe an intricate silk scarf or cosmetics case filled with the products she uses most. All you have to do is watch her smile.

  4. Whisk her upstairs for a long soak in a hot tub -- this is her chance to enjoy the bath and body products the kids bought her with their hard-earned allowance.

  5. Use this opportunity to sweep, dust and vacuum downstairs -- it doesn't have to be perfect. (It really is the thought that counts.) Then pile the kids into the minivan and zip on down to the car wash. Invest a few dollars to wash, wax, and vacuum her car, as well.

  6. Fill 'er up with gas on the way home...

  7. ...and stop just long enough to pick up a bucket of chicken and three of her favorite "sides."

  8. Spread a picnic blanket on the lawn in the back yard, and set the "table" with colorful paper ware and cutlery -- yellow plates, pink napkins, green forks. Call your wife down to join in the festivities.

  9. Let her pick her favorite piece of chicken first, and offer her the last biscuit.

  10. Clean up the mess, kiss her on the cheek, and thank her for being the best mother on the planet.

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