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New Year's Traditions
New Year's Eve is a holiday like no other. The night centers on good cheer and partying long into the night. It is a tradition in the United States to ring in the New Year at midnight with champagne toasts, kisses and resolutions.

Around the world, the celebrations of another year are quite different.

  • The Japanese hang a rope of straw across the front of their houses, which they believe, stands for happiness and good luck. They also laugh out loud at the stroke of midnight on New Year's Eve to bring a year of good luck.
  • In India, the natives adorn themselves in flowers to signify the coming of spring. Mothers put out trays of little gifts and foods. Children are led blindfolded to the trays and then enjoy the treats.
  • In Greece, children leave their shoes by the fire on New Year's Eve and wake up to find them filled with gifts.
  • China has its Festival of Lanterns when thousands of paper lanterns line the street. The celebration peaks with an explosion of firecrackers believed to frighten away evil spirits.
  • The Vietnamese believe their God Tet Nguyen Dan traveled on the back of a carp. New Years Day you will find the Vietnamese releasing live carp in local rivers and ponds to honor their God.
  • The Scots set barrels of tar on fire and roll them through the streets signifying the passing of the year and welcoming of the new.

However you choose to celebrate, whether you're finding the perfect person to kiss at midnight or rolling blazing barrels, have a safe and memorable New Year!

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