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Stay wired
Technology has brought remarkable changes to higher education. Colleges are relying more and more on the Internet as a tool for educating and engaging students. Many university professors have found that using scholarly Web sites and instructional CD-ROMS can make the learning experience more dynamic, as well as more visually exciting. So forget notebooks and pens, if you have a laptop, bring it to class with you. Be sure though to have a good laptop backpack to make the walk around campus comfortable. You may also want to stay up-to-date on the latest tips and tricks in computer technology by subscribing to a computer magazine.

Make a home away from home
Here are some ways to feather your new nest. For meals that you can prepare easily and on a student's budget, consult a college cookbook --an alternative to The Meal Plan. Also, the right gadgets and appliances, like your own coffee maker, can help you navigate your way around the kitchen in your dorm or apartment.

Get back to basics
Every college student needs a good dictionary and a thesaurus. You will also need some basics for your desk: a stapler, paper clips, a highlighter, Post-it notes (for quick messages to your roommate) and a desk organizer for keeping it all straight. And for carrying all those books and supplies around campus, get a sturdy and comfortable backpack.

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