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Schools of Thought
Making the A list, or getting good grades, is easier if kids have a good understanding of the basics of reading and math. You may wish to give your kids a boost using educational tools developed especially for parents to use at home. If math is their trouble spot or if you just want to give them a head start, try using the Math Game. This program assists children in mastering the fundamental math skills of addition, subtraction, multiplication and division.

Try out reading and phonics games to improve your child's reading comprehension level. These systems helps children develop word recognition skills and enhances their ability to understand what they are reading. Also, it's always a good idea to read to them or with them whenever you get the chance. Encourage them to read newspapers, child magazines and Internet articles. Get them something they will love to read, like zoo books. The point is to get them to READ, READ, READ!

Send'em Packin'
Get them organized and out the door in the mornings. Try giving them a fun backpack for keeping their notebooks, pens and lunch money in one place. They'll look cool too. Or maybe try a fashionable nap/sleeping bag to make naptime for the younger ones more fun. Here's another great idea for parents: teach the youngsters to make their own lunches to take to school using a Kid's First Cookbook. And get them a cool lunchbox to put their concoctions in.

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