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Christmas Gift Ideas

The Spirit of the Holidays
This holiday season while trying to find the perfect gift, party outfit or recipe, be sure to take some time to reflect on the true spirit of the season. At its core, the holiday season should be a time to give and share with those less fortunate than themselves. Listed below are a few ideas on little things you and your family can do to get into the real spirit of the holidays.

Volunteer Your Time
Time is often the most valuable commodity that one has, and it certainly is the easiest thing you can give to others. By contacting any number of civic organizations in your area, you can find opportunities to spend time helping others in need. That might come by serving food at a local shelter for homeless people, perhaps you can join the Big Brother/Big Sister program and spend time with a young child in need of guidance, or maybe you can work with your church to deliver Christmas Trees to those who can't afford them. The possibilities to help others are out there, all you have to do is give of your time.

Christmas gifts Collect Gifts For Others
Why not sit down with your family or friends and agree to buy one less gift for each other and instead have each of you buy a small gift for someone in need. By taking just a few moments to call your local community center or religious organization, you'll be able to find the perfect program. Spend an evening together with your family planning the gifts and crafts you can purchase or make for others in need, and you'll catch the spirit of the holiday.

Lead A Clothing Drive
The holiday season coincides with the beginning of winter, and for most people that means a decided change in temperature. With just a small bit of effort, you can help collect warm clothes to donate to the Salvation Army or other local charity that will pass them along to those in need of them during these cold months. Jackets, mittens, scarves, thermal underwear and winter boots are all items that you can pass along to others in need.

Be Cheerful
This is the simplest act of all that one can do to get into the spirit of the holidays. Make a concerted effort to smile and be polite to those around you every day. Be kind to others that you interact with and you'll notice just how nice it can be when you get a smile or a thank you back in return for your efforts.

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