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Easter Traditions - the Perfect Basket, Easter Eggs and more!
Celebrate Dyeing

A Successful Easter Celebration
How do you pull off the perfect Easter brunch or elegant dinner and appear as host of the year?  Read more...

Dyeing Eggs Naturally
Naturally dyed eggs are so elegant they can grace the table at an adult dinner party, but it's the kids who most enjoy a project like this.  Read more...

The Symbols of Easter
Bunnies and Easter eggs aren't modern day creations, they stem from Old World customs established before the Christian celebration of Easter.  Read more...

The Perfect Easter Basket
Don't think of an Easter basket as the standard chocolate bunny, plastic creation populating the grocery shelves. Take a different approach this year!  Read more...

Fun Easter Games
You're done with the Easter meal, tired of the same Easter egg hunt, what else can you do to entertain your guests?  Read more...

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