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Christmas Gift Ideas

A Fun Season for the Kids
Is there any adult out there who doesn't have fond memories of what they did as a child during the holidays? This year, make the holiday season an unforgettable one for whatever children might be in your life.

Winter Wonderland Fun
Pick out a fun activity to do with a child that you can make an annual family tradition. For those of you in cold-weather locales, that might be as easy as taking the family sledding or skiing for the day. For others in warmer climates, maybe it can take the form of a picnic with a holiday theme.

Christmas treat! Bake Delicious Treats
Why not construct gingerbread houses? They are really easy to make and a perfect holiday activity. Allow children to use their imagination. Frosting and gingerbread are the basic ingredients, but remember to buy goodies such as gumdrops, candy canes, and other sweets to decorate the exterior of this delicious treat. Make sure you have enough supplies to both build the house and fill your stomach!

Make a Stocking for a Friend
Teach a child that the true spirit of the holidays is giving to others, by helping him or her make a stocking for a sibling or friend. Simply sew two pieces of red felt together and trim the top with white felt or ribbon. The only things you need for this project are glitter, felt, ribbons and buttons. Have the child decorate the stocking with the recipient's name and cut-out felt decorations that you can paste onto the stocking.

Learn About Others
Just as important as having fun is a child's education during the holiday season. With so many different religions and holiday customs occurring at one time, it would be easy for a child to only know his or her own. But you can take an afternoon to teach a child about someone else's holiday tradition. You will help teach tolerance and understanding to a child. Just make sure you do it in a fun and informative way that has them thirsting for more knowledge.

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