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Application Anxieties
1) If you have ideas about what career you want to pursue, research the kind of education you will need to prepare for that field.

2) Take any pesky standardized tests required for college admission. A guide to test-taking, such as SAT for Dummies, can help you get ready. Prepare for the SAT, but don't stress over it. It's only one factor among many that the admission boards will consider.

3) Find out as much as you can about schools you are interested in. A guide to universities, such as Peterson's Four Year Colleges 2001, can help.

4) Make campus visits to the universities that meet your criteria.

5) Apply for admission, allowing plenty of time to gather up all those test scores, recommendations and transcripts.

High School High Jinks
Here are some ideas for gear and supplies that will help you have fun and express your personality while at school:

- Show your spirit and individuality with fun and funky pencils. Get a cool gym bag for your track shoes or your tennis racket, whether you are a Jock or a Jill.

- Whether you are into Moby, Kid Rock or Metallica, swing, metal or boy bands, you can put on your headphones and tune out to the rest of the world for a few minutes with CDs. But don't try this in the classroom.

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